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Why I’m so passionate about becoming an Organ Donor

As you all know I’m a huge advocate of organ donation and sharing my Dad’s story. National Donate Life Month is observed annually during the month of April. It commemorates and celebrates the countless lives affected by transplant and donation across the United States. Help raise awareness by sharing YOUR story or stories of people in your life who have been impacted by organ and tissue donation/transplantation. If you are not BUT have considered becoming an organ donor please do so. Not many people think about becoming a donor until it affects your life. I am guilty of this myself.

AWARENESS is so important to that patient (& family) who is on the waiting list.  You never plan to need a transplant but when you are told that is your only way to continue living…you are eternally grateful beyond words for those people who took the time to become a donor.

I will always be grateful for the young lady and her family who gave my family hope of having a long life with my Dad. Sadly, her lungs were not viable enough for transplant and my Dad couldn’t wait another day. I always wonder if her family was told about my Dad…if they know how much hope they gave my family that day as we waited for his double lung transplant. Yes, we were scared. But, to know it was his shot at life again was such a blessing. One I will never forget. I hope and pray they knew my Dad, and our whole family, was extremely grateful that they gave us hope that day. We all got to be together one last time and THAT moment is what I like to focus on when the pain of losing him is too hard.




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