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Ditch the Treadmill- Burn Fat and Gain Muscle


If you’ve been following me on social media you probably already know, I have been on a personal journey to get into a body I am comfortable in and do it all before my youngest son’s High School Graduation in June.

Here’s a little progress update and my plan of attack…

I’m 5 weeks in and I don’t love doing cardio but I know the benefits it has on my heart. So, I’ve been doing my own workouts and combining my love of lifting “heavier” weights with plyometric moves to get my heart rate up and the fat crying all while still enjoying my lifting workouts.

I combine my lower body/legs/booty workout days with plyometrics and the following workout is how I set up a routine and then I switch up the lifting and plyometric exercises to keep my body guessing. I do this 3x’s a week. Once I started this schedule and workout style (2 weeks ago) I have noticed the most results. Even my family has noticed a change…which is nice because my scale is showing only a 3-4# weight loss. I’m waiting until week 6 is done to take my measurements again. That will be the true measure of my progress.

So, enjoy the following Leg day workout and burn up some fat!

xo, Staci

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Time to work the legs and add in some cardio with Plyometric bursts throughout the whole workout to keep your body burning up the fat!

This workout will run in rounds…meaning you finish all the exercises on the list for the suggested reps with little rest between exercises. You can rest for 1-2 minutes after each round. The goal is to do 3 rounds…more if you are feeling up to the challenge.

  • Reverse Lunges (body weight or use dumbbells) 10-15 reps
  • Pop Squats aka Jump Squats (PLYO MOVE) 10 reps
  • Front Squats (use dumbbells or barbell held in front of you at chest level) 10-15 reps
  • In & Out Squats (PLYO MOVE) 10 reps
  • Stiff Legged Deadlifts (use dumbbells or barbell) 10-15 reps
  • Pop Squats (PLYO MOVE) 10 reps
  • Weighted Bridge (use dumbbells, barbell or weight plates) 15 reps
  • In & Out Squats (PLYO MOVE) 10 reps

REST 1-2 minutes and then do this sequence of exercises for 3-4 rounds…more if you feel up to it.

REMINDER- Use challenging weights for YOU. If you are new to working out run through this workout using your body weight or light weights until you get a feel for the moves and can hold your form correctly.
ALSO…I suggest using only body weight when doing the PLYO MOVES so you can move through this workout quickly. BUT…if you are an advanced exerciser and want to add weights, a weighted vest would be a great addition to this whole workout.

If you try this workout you will do so at your own risk & Super Girlz Fitness is not liable for any injuries. Remember to workout smart & safe. If you have any questions on what an exercise is please Google it or search for it on YouTube. If you have any questions about this workout please contact me at www.fb.com/SuperGirlzFitness & private message me for the quickest response. 

Weight Loss 101: Why Should I Lift Heavy Weights?

Why Should I Lift Heavy Weights?


A lot of women think that if they lift anything heavier than a little pink dumbbell they will look like a man. 

YOU ARE A WOman…a totally different “animal” than a MAN. We genetically do NOT have the capability to bulk up and have muscles like a man. Those women you see on social media that are jacked up are normally body builders and WORK HARD for YEARS for those muscles. Some…NOT ALL, even take “supplements” to enhance their bodybuilder physic.

I’m assuming if you follow me and are reading this you are a woman who wants to be fit and healthy with an athletic build. What I mean by athletic build is that you want to look like you workout and are strong.

To achieve that athletic look you need to train like an athlete. Take your workouts seriously and set goals to become stronger and more mobile. Mobility is very important as we age and staying active is a great way to preserve that.

So, train with weights…heavy weights. Weight training reshapes your body and MUSCLE BURNS FAT!! Cardio burns calories…and sometimes muscle, if you do too much.

Another question I get a lot is, how heavy should my weights be? Of course that is an individual question and one I can’t give a general answer to. I will give you a tip to get you started and finding the weight that is right for you….

If the dumbbell is lighter than your purse or child you carry around on a daily basis then you are going TOO LIGHT!! You will probably shock yourself at how strong you already are if you are carrying around a baby or toddler all day. Don’t short change yourself. Try a few reps with a weight you think is challenging. If it’s too light go up to the next available weight. If it’s too heavy go down to the next available weight. Take note of the weight you are starting at, and in time you can increase your weight when you feel it’s getting too light.