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Friday Favorites – Healthy Lifestyle Helpers – Volume 3

This weeks Friday Favorites are all about products that enrich and help you build a healthier body thru a healthier lifestyle. If you have a product you think should be added to this list, please leave it in the comments for us!
xo, Staci

Friday Favorites

wp-1489154576515.jpgUntil recently I thought my mattress was fine. It wasn’t until we got our new one that I realized I had just gotten used to the dips and pits over the years. Shop around and find the best mattress for you and your body. There are so many these days to choose from that it really can be a chore finding the best one. But, once you do your body & your health will thank you for it.


20130607112305I foam roll every time I have an ache or pain that is just nagging at me. A massage after every workout to get the kinks and soreness out but sounds like heaven BUT, that isn’t practical for most of us. Foam rolling can help! While it is painful at first, once you relax into it you will feel the difference. Foam rollers come in a few varieties…I personally like the longer version so I can roll out my whole back and upper shoulder area that gets sore and tight often. Foam rollers are available in most sporting goods stores or even Wal-Mart.


wp-1489156567029.pngHaving pots and pans that can help you cook healthy meals without adding a ton of extra butter or oil is very beneficial. I recently purchased my first porcelain enamel non-stick pan (photo of pan purchased from Sam’s Club) to see how it stacked up to my normal non-stick Teflon pans. I followed the directions and “seasoned” it before using. After making a few meals in it, one being a cheesy meal my husband made for his lunches this week, it gets a huge thumbs up from us. We like it so much we are going to buy another. *I have not done any research on the safety of Porcelain Enamel or Ceramic vs. Teflon but if you have a study or article I should read to educate myself, please share in the comments.


bb-all-access-bodThis one is a favorite of mine because simply it’s very convenient. I can stream any workout, anywhere I have internet and my laptop. NO MORE DVD’s! There are many different companies that offer streaming workouts but you know I’m a Beachbody coach and I personally enjoy their On Demand service. But, choose the right fit for your needs. *If you have questions about signing up for streaming workouts and wonder if Beachbody On Demand is the right fit for you & you need a health coach, please contact me. Staci@SuperGirlzFitness.com. I will help walk you through the best option for you.


wp-1489155467365.pngStaying hydrated is key to a healthy body. Sugary drinks, even Diet drinks filled with artificial sweetener can dehydrate you and leave you craving food. Drinking water is good for your body and organs. So, go look for the best water bottle for you! Again, there are so many to choose from you can’t go wrong. I am currently loving my “Yeti” knock off from Wal-Mart (Ozark Trail is the brand). It was a fraction of the price but keeps my cold drinks, cold and my hot coffee, hot….FOREVER!!! I loved them so much I purchased them as Christmas gifts for my family last year.


 Here's it is! The Beachbody Black Friday Deals I was talking about yesterday.

These offers are on some of our most popular & most effective programs in the entire Beachbody workout library…Just in time for the Holidays!

NOTE…this is a SHORT window of opportunity though – SALES START FRIDAY, November 23rd NOON EST through CYBER MONDAY, November 26th at MIDNIGHT EST!! 

These deals would make AWESOME gifts for others OR for those of you on the fence about getting started with a workout program. The NEW YEAR is upon us & you know you want that FIT body. What do you have to lose? All Beachbody products & programs come with a 30 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!! Don’t like it…send it back. No questions.

Quantities ARE limited & you need to have a team Beachbody account. You can go to www.TurboStaci.com and sign up for free & then claim your deal. Please let me know you signed up for the free membership & I will add you to my Health/Fitness Newsletter email list.

If you have questions on products or programs please contact me using the contact button on the right hand side.



If you've been following me on Facebook then you know Beachbody has had awesome sales on Turbo Fire, Rev Abs & Slim in 6 (still on sale!!) just within the last few months…so I'm excited for the BLACK FRIDAY deals they are coming out with. Stay tuned to this blog & my Facebook page. Click the link to LIKE my fitness page & stay connected & be the first to know all the details!


In the spirit of the season I'm having BLACK FRIDAY specials ALL WEEK! Stay tuned you never know WHAT will go on sale or be given away!!




GO TO www.TurboStaci.com

Claim your SLIM IN 6 fitness program & get ME as your FREE motivational coach. I have 5 years of experience as a Personal Trainer & I would love to help you reach your goal of a fitter you!

**NOTE** When the special stock of Slim in 6 is gone I will update this post. If you have ANY questions about this offer or any other Beachbody programs, please contact me using the CONTACT ME button on the right of your screen. I also am available to answer any of your nutrition or fitness questions.

No Bake Chocolate Shakeology Balls

YES, you CAN eat cookies & have them be your "Healthiest Meal of the Day"!


· 1 cup PB2 (chocolate or regular powdered peanut butter)
· 1/2 cup natural peanut butter
· 1 cup quick oats
· 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology 
· 1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce

Add stevia, truvia, or your choice of sweetener, to taste.


Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl & mix well. The mixture will be sticky & gooey.
Wet your hands in water & roll into balls (about the size of a ping pong ball). Place on waxed paper or plastic plate. Put in the freezer until firm.


Makes 12 cookies

Nutrition Info per cookie: 135 cals; 8g protein; 13g carbs; 7g fat; 3g fiber; 13mg sodium


*There are many different Shakeology Ball (no bake cookie) recipes out there on the internet. This particular one is from Chalene Johnson's book PUSH.

Weekly Health Challenge ~ Portion Control

I have many clients who are taking the Beachbody Challenge with me & while I love that the BB Challenge includes FITNESS, NUTRITION & SUPPORT…I've decided to kick it up a bit. I'm going to ask all of my challengers to participate in my new WEEKLY HEALTH CHALLENGE.

The WHC will be something related to improving our overall health & lifestyle. I'm not the kind of girl who thinks there is a "magic pill" for health & fitness. NO WAY! It takes A LOT of hard work, dedication, determination & DRIVE to keep with it…even when you feel yourself sliding back into your old ways.

This week I want everyone to practice PORTION CONTROL!!

YES, this means measuring & weighing EVERY bite you eat this week. At EVERY meal, EVERY snack & EVERYWHERE you go!!

If you've found your scale is not moving & your clothes are getting snug, it's time to start measuring again. I say again because most people start off by measuring everything they eat to see how big a portion size really is. But, with time many get the mindset that they KNOW what a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese looks like & just spoon it out of the container.

While cottage cheese is not the worst thing to overeat, you can get into trouble by UNDERestimating your calories for the day. Do this every day of the week for a month & you will gain weight.


That's it. An easy 7 day challenge this week…YOU IN???

Comment below & let me know! If you would like more information on the Beachbody Challenge please message me through the CONTACT ME button & I will respond shortly.

*All comments go through a moderator to weed out the spam…if you're not a spammer your comment will show up.

January Jump Start Challenge




Holding others accountable to the health & fitness goals they've set for themselves is part of what I do every day as a personal trainer & motivational fitness coach. I take my passion aka "job" very seriously. Motivating others & helping them is what I live for every day. I will be holding challenges EVERY month in 2012. These challenges will tie into the Beachbody Challenge Packs.

By hosting challenges via the internet/online I can help so many more people than if I was to just hold local challenges. BUT, never fear, those will be coming in 2012 too. If you're in the Mid-Michigan area stay tuned for the launch of my Boot Camp class. 😉


So, what IS a Beachbody Challenge Pack? It's a combo pack you purchase from Beachbody, through me (your personal coach) & it includes nutrition, fitness & support. The nutrition focus is on Shakeology along with using the meal planner available with your 30 day free trial of the CLUB membership. The fitness aspect will come from a home workout program YOU CHOOSE (I will help you decide if you are unsure of what program is best for you). Then finally the support. I will be starting a private Facebook page only for those who have committed to that months challenge. We will have the group support & accountability PLUS, I will be texting or emailing every challenger…DAILY! I am only taking a maximum of 10 people per month. I want to give those 10 people my FULL attention. Below you can see which programs are available at this time. Beachbody is working on releasing others soon.

Please contact me if you are interested & I will help you decide if this challenge is right for you.


I only have a few spots open for my JANUARY JUMP START CHALLENGE. 

We start January 2nd!

ORDERS MUST BE IN BY DECEMBER 21st to insure delivery by DECEMBER 31st

I will be giving one JANUARY JUMP START Challenger a special "NEW LIFESTYLE" gift on January 31st.

ASK STACI | All your health & fitness questions answered

"Can you really get a GREAT workout at home?"


YES YOU CAN! It's something I do on a daily basis!

Yesterday I told you I've only had a gym membership twice in my life…and it's true. While I LOVED working out at the gym & the rush I got from being around others who are working out & looking to make themselves healthier. I LOVE being able to do the same thing at home.

To be successful working out at home you need the drive to push your body to new levels without others around you. If you can do that…you will do well working out at home. If you are someone who needs the "peer pressure" of others holding you accountable & you feed off their energy to push harder in your own workout than the gym or classes might be a better fit for you.

If you want the benefits of BOTH a home workout & a gym or "peer pressure" setting than get yourself hooked up with some like minded friends that you know will help keep you accountable for showing up & pushing yourself and workout together at some ones house. Home gyms are more & more common these days. I have 3 Facebook friends who have teamed up & workout with each other every week. I love reading their posts & how they encourage each other while getting in a great workout.

Another part of the success is having a home workout that you enjoy doing & that you want to do every day! Read my blog from yesterday, Finding your SOUL MATE…workout.


Remember I'm here if you need advice on health, nutrition or fitness. Please contact me.

Finding your SOUL MATE…workout

A lot of people find exercising to be "hard" or just no fun. I say that's because you haven't found the right workout for YOU! You need to find the workout that gets you FIRED UP & EXCITED to do every day.

Don't think there is ANY workout you'd find fun? Then I say you haven't even looked around. There are SO many exercise formats out there that there really is something for everyone at every fitness level. You have to be open minded & take the first step.

When you find something you enjoy…truly enjoy, and can't wait to do again, you'll know you've found your soul mate workout. This can take time. Just like finding our soul mate in love & life, you will need to find the right fit for you. Look to your local gyms for classes offered. Try a few different classes & see what you think.

If working out in public is not your thing than you can do home workouts & get a terrific workout. Probably better than in the gym. I say that because if you're self conscious about yourself in public you won't give the workout your full attention. If you are in the privacy of your own home, where you're comfortable, you will BRING IT! I've only had a gym membership twice in my life. (Come back tomorrow & I'll share more on that.) Getting fit at home can be done.

The right workout or setting for your friend may not be the right fit for you. Experiment & find out what YOU NEED!

If you need any advice or help getting pointed in the right direction, please don't hesitate to ask for help. I love helping others find their passion for fitness. It's what get's me excited to get up every morning & is a huge drive in my own personal journey.

ASK STACI | Your Health & Fitness Questions Answered

This week I received many compliments, comments & questions about my weight loss journey. Thank you ALL for your positive, thoughtful comments & feedback. Each one of you mean so much to me.

There are many of us struggling daily to live the healthy life. I came across this quote & I wanted to share.

Desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek. -Mario Andretti


I was asked to share some tips on how I could "switch on" a new attitude after a bad month. Seriously, I didn't have a light bulb moment one day. When I'm going through a rough patch with my diet/exercise I KNOW it the whole time. It pulls me into a funk & it's something I dwell on every day. I'm sure some of you may currently feel or have felt the same way. All I did was decide I needed to work on changing things mentally & time wise. The number one thing you need to do is be READY for change. Don't fight it…embrace it! But, don't bite off more than you are willing to put into action.


Here are some things that have helped me make the transition. 

1. POSITIVE SELF TALK ~ Talk to yourself as you would a friend. How you talk to yourself is how you FEEL about yourself.

2. SCHEDULE YOUR WORKOUTS ~ Find the time the works the best for you & when you have an uninterrupted time block. Then treat your workout as an important appointment you would never dream of skipping (like a doctors appt).

3. DO A WORKOUT PROGRAM YOU LOVE ~ This may happen over time through trial & error but you will find something you love & look forward to doing every day.

4. HAVE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT TO DO THE JOB ~ This is for safety & for comfort reasons. Personally, shoes are #1 when I think RIGHT equipment. If your shoes are bad or broken down you will not have a good workout.

5. PLAN YOUR MENU FOR THE WEEK ~ This is not only a necessity to keep your waist line trim but also your food budget. I'm all about saving money & eating well. If you plan out your meals you will never have to ask "What's for dinner?" 😉

6. MEASURE OUT SERVING NEEDS ~ This is the step that I stopped doing the month of February & paid dearly for….6 pounds worth. I'm forever going to be a measurer. Make the investment in a good set of measuring tools & food scale.

7. TRACK YOUR FOOD & EXERCISE DAILY ~ Another thing I stopped doing during February. I finally found the right phone app & website to track my food & exercises & it helps me stay accountable.

8. GET SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY ~ Having friends & family supporting your efforts is a must in my eyes. Everything in life is easier with support & accountability. If you don't have any support from those around you then start looking online. Finding a new friend or group online is a great way to find like minded people.


Those 8 things are easily doable every day. If you are looking to find your perfect workout or need some support & help to get a plan in place, please reach out to me. I would love to help you reach your goals.  


 Have a terrific weekend & spend some time putting yourself first.

Live Fit & Fabulous Every Day! ~ Staci