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Simply put, this walking group is for ALL SUPER GIRLZ  (sorry guys…this is just for the ladies) who want to get started on their fitness journey or those who want to add a little more movement to their day. We will get together, walk & talk. No running, no weights, no high impact, no competing…just walking. Walking is a great way to get everyone active. It’s an activity any fitness level can do & that’s is what I want. I want ALL GIRLZ to feel welcome & find this group to be a safe place. I’m hoping with my Personal Training background I can educate, motivate & share in your fitness success.

We will walk Midland, Sanford, Coleman & Clare areas, alternating based on participants. All walks will be posted on the Facebook page (Super Girlz Walking). Please let me know you would like to be added. Stay informed of when & where the next walk will be.

Future walking dates will be posted here. All walks are WEATHER PERMITTING!! WATCH the SUPER GIRLZ FITNESS Facebook page on SUNDAY MORNINGS for cancellations. If you would like to be added to my group text for cancelled walks please send your cell number to my INBOX on the Facebook page (linked above). 




PLEASE inbox me at Super Girlz Fitness for directions.

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