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I have shared a few of my DIY projects here on Super Girlz Fitness but felt like it needed it’s own home. So, I created a new blog for just those projects. You can follow my DIY adventures on the Staci Marie DIY blog! The following is the ABOUT ME blog post where I shared about this new adventure I’m embarking on. I hope you’ll check it out.


Hi Friends!

My name is Staci and some of you may also know I have an online Personal training business SUPER GIRLZ FITNESS. I’ve been a Personal Trainer & Health Coach for 9 years. While training is still my passion I find myself at a stage in life where my “role” is changing. I’ve been a SAHM for my two sons for their whole lives. My oldest is finishing his associates degree in Applied Science w/HVAC concentration. My youngest son is a High School Senior. So, that leaves me a little more time on my hands.

I’ve decided to start a blog dedicated to my DIY projects and home lifestyle type blogs & vlogs. I love shopping for home decor, decorating our home & doing DIY projects. My husband is a welder by trade (25+ years) but is also an amazing carpenter. So, he makes the best DIY partner. He has built most of the furniture in our home & I love having one of a kind pieces that I know will be things we can pass down to the next generation. He has also done projects for family members that I hope to showcase on this blog as well. He is considering sharing his talents & starting a fabrication business where he can make custom furniture, fireplaces and other small projects for others. (I’m nudging him in that direction as a fun “retirement” plan we can do together) I’ll keep you posted when I can officially get him to decide.

For now, this will be the place I document what project we are working on & any fun things I think other DIYers would enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by!


If the above blog sounds like something you would like to follow along with then go check out Staci Marie DIY!

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