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Giving Back is Good for your Health

We all know that when we give to others without expecting anything in return we always feel amazing. To help another person just gives you those feel good endorphin’s and those endorphin’s help you be a healthier person…mentally. Health and Wellness isn’t just about the food you put in your mouth or the amount of calories you burn in your workouts. It’s also about how you feel mentally and where your mindset is. In my opinion, you can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind.

If your mind always goes to the negative, guess what? You will ALWAYS see the negative in a situation before you see any of the positive. I believe that for EVERY SINGLE event or experience in your life there is always a positive to be found…even if you don’t see it right at that moment. In the thick and heat of an life altering event you really don’t think clearly and are consumed by feelings…which is great and normal. But, after some time has passed I bet if you examine the event again you can find SOMETHING that is positive. Even if it’s just what you LEARNED from the event or experience… OR learned about YOURSELF for going through this experience.

All that to be said because I believe that if you give to others your life is more fulfilling and blessed. I know not everyone will agree but those are my beliefs. You can give back in many ways and I have shared a few of my favorites in past blogs, like donating blood or becoming and organ donor. There are many ways to give back…paying it forward, donating your time or money….and the list goes on.

Last week while checking out my Facebook newsfeed a video popped up about a brand new sock company and the father and son who started it together. I watched it and was moved to place an order. I am sharing the video below along with my own personal order and what I received. This is NOT a paid blog post and I purchased the following order with my own money. John’s Crazy Socks has no idea I’m writing this blog but I was SO happy with my order I wanted to share my experience.

I love every thing about this company. Their mission to spread happiness through socks (smiles are contagious and who doesn’t love a fun pair of socks?), they give back to others and every package is personal.

Yes, it really can be that simple to spread some happiness to others while also feeling good about yourself. If you are moved to place an order like I was, please contact me first and I will share my 10% off discount code with you.

Happy Tuesday Girlz!

xo, Staci


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