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FREE Super Girlz Fitness Challenges

Occasionally I will create a Fitness Challenge and share it on my social media accounts.
I will re-post them here in this tab for you to use when you are looking for a challenge.
Hover your cursor over the FREE SGF CHALLENGES tab at the top of the page. Click on the challenge you are looking for and enjoy!

move out of your comfort zone

Make each challenge fit YOUR personal needs! The purpose of these workouts are to challenge yourself.

If you find yourself making excuses month after month why you can’t get fit, I challenge you to take on a monthly fitness challenge. When I host them it will be on Facebook. You can follow SUPER GIRLZ FITNESS here.You will be held accountable by a personal trainer & fitness coach (ME) & daily peer support via our PRIVATE Facebook page/event. It’s time to break the “excuse cycle”.

Remember to push yourself but PLEASE use good form at all times!

Listen to your body and stop if you feel pain. Contact your doctor before starting all new fitness routines.

Thank you for joining us! Please comment and share with us daily!!
~ Staci

All workouts are done at your own risk & Staci/Super Girlz Fitness are not liable for any injuries.

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