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We all know shopping with a grocery list is one of the first things you need to start doing when trying to take control of your diet. If you shop with out a list you will over spend & end up with a cart full of impulse buys. That’s not good for the wallet or the waistline.


I was going to type up all the foods on the “Clean Eating Grocery List” but then I found a PDF file done by Tosca Reno, author of The Eat Clean Diet. You can use this list as a guideline (link below).

I also recommend putting together a menu for the week, if you’re not doing that already. This will help you eliminate having wasted unused foods & makes making the grocery list easier. I also find limiting my food choices, like picking 4 veggies & 4 different fruits to use throughout the week work best for my budget & planning. I also enjoy dinner leftovers for lunch the following day. Those are just a few of my budget & waistline saving tips.   ~Staci


Clean Eating Grocery list 

I’ve also included this pic of 125 WHOLE FOODS that your body will love. Save it to your phone as a quick reference.


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