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Influenster Charm VoxBox Review – Part 2

Today is Part 2 of my Influenster Charm VoxBox reviews. The following products were complementary from Influenster for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


EVA-NYC — Clean it up Shampoo & Therapy Session Hair Mask


I have never used this product before but it said it was for all hair types so I gave it a try. It states it will leave your hair soft and the mask is suppose to make it so your hair is easier to comb out. I washed my hair with the shampoo and instantly hated how it smelled. But, I went on with the mask that also stated it could be used once a week as a hair mask or as a daily conditioner. You leave it on 2-5 minutes and I left it on for 5+. Again, I hated the smell of the mask/conditioner. It is almost a medicine smell to me, but my husband liked the smell and said it smelled like baby powder. I did not find it anywhere close to a baby powder smell but wanted a second opinion. So, smell it before you buy it if how your hair smells is a big thing to you too. While the products cleaned and conditioned my hair like any other shampoo & conditioner, the conditioner did not make my hair easier to comb out like suggested. The smell of the products is not appealing to me and for that reason alone, I will not purchase these products for myself.


Peeps Delights – Coconut dipped in Dark Chocolate


Marshmallow is not a favorite of mine and I have to be 100% honest…I’ve never had a Peep before. So, I took a bite knowing I would hate the texture of the marshmallow but powered through that sensation and was surprised how good the taste was of the coconut and dark chocolate combo. The taste reminded me of a Mounds candy bar. I was surprised how SWEET that one bite was. I don’t know if I could eat a whole one just based off that bite. It was very sugary and sweet. But, the taste was surprisingly good…once you get past the marshmallow texture.


Wet & Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel


Everyone who knows me knows I love a home manicure and anything that is 1 step is a bonus in my book. While this blue color I was gifted would not be my first pic, it is very SPRING and there are many other colors to choose from in this collection. You can purchase them from Wet & Wild or from Walmart.
The product website claims:

  • Up to 2 weeks of color & shine based on consumer grading
  • No UV Light Required
  • No Harsh Removal
  • 3-Free! No Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Phthalates!

My home manicure process…I started with clean filed nails. I did not use a base coat. I normally do and thought for the sake of this review I would just do the 1 Step. So, I applied a thin 1st coat about 2 hours before bed and waited to apply the second coat until this morning. The first thin coat was a little transparent but it went on well with the flatter applicator brush provided. It also dried very quickly. This morning I applied the 2nd coat and it went on just as nicely as the 1st and seemed to level itself out without me brushing over and over the nail. (I like that quality). The second coat I put on was a bit thicker than the first but I still controlled the amount so it wouldn’t be a huge mess. I was surprised the 2nd coat dried quickly too. I am resisting the urge to put my top coat over it but I won’t. I will update this blog post with pictures of before, during and after within the 2 weeks it claims the color will last.

EDITED 4.4.17– Update time! As you can see it has only been 5 whole days since I posted about the 1 Step Wonder Gel…but I need to take this polish off. It’s too chipped up for me. I will say it wore through some tough projects. I sanded, stained, varnished and assembled a DIY project and then stained the platform bed & headboard we made for our son (while wearing gloves)…along with all the dishes, laundry, cleaning, typing and just random day to day chores I do. I do think if I would have used my tried and true Sally Hanson Top coat it would have lasted much longer. I wish I would have topped a nail or two on each hand to test it out, but maybe next time. I also want to mention that I added a third coat of the 1 Step Wonder Gel to my nails Friday morning because the tips of my very short nails was already wearing off…not chipped but wore off some. The photos below are from this morning and show the wear I experienced in 5 days.

1 Step Wonder Gel - WWWet and Wild 1 Step











Thank you again Influenster for the complementary products in the Charm VoxBox! I have enjoyed reviewing these new to me products and I hope my readers did too. If you missed the first half of my reviews on the Mott’s applesauce, McCormick Seasoning and Vera Wang perfume please go HERE to check out that blog post.

Friday Favorites – Food Finds – Volume 1

You may have noticed there wasn’t a post yesterday on our normally scheduled blogging day.
Well, I’m in a bit of a transitional time. I have decided during this time I will switch things up and post a Friday Favorites instead of a Thursday & Saturday blog for awhile and see how it goes. I hope you enjoy! If you have a product or something you want me to try please leave me a comment or message me HERE. I am open to all products…health, fitness, food, beauty, home, home decorating, DIY, etc.



Image result for friday favorites



#1 Riced Sweet Potatoes and Cauliflower

I recently heard about this easy way to add veggies as a side dish to any lean protein you choose. I went on the hunt at my local Wal-Mart and found them. So…I took them all. I know, I know…bad etiquette. I just knew I would love these as a “filler” or side. I am really working hard to clean up my diet but also ENJOYING the foods I make and eat. This one hits all my must haves. QUICK, EASY & HEALTHY!
TIP – Pair it with chicken and then use the following dressing as a “sauce”. It’s SOOOO GOOD!!
FYI – That is a steamer bag. From freezer to plate in 4-6 minutes!


#2 Bolthouse Farms Cilantro Avocado Yogurt Dressing


This stuff…this is the bomb dot com if you are a cilantro and avocado fan. It is so creamy and delicious and all that flavor for 40 CALORIES!!
TIP – It’s so good you’ll want to over use it, make sure you measure out your 30 grams!!


#2 Broccoli & Cheese Tots
The macros on 6 tots are…
Calories: 130
Carbs: 14 g
Protein: 4 g
Fat: 6 g

They are SO good!
TIP – It’s hard to stop at 6 so I pre-plan 12 tots as a side dish when I log my food into My Fitness Pal (StaciMarieB – add me!)


#3 Silk Almond Creamer – Caramel Flavor


As I shared on the blog Tuesday (READ IT HERE), I didn’t drink coffee for 5 days when I was sick and used that opportunity to make a change that I had been wanting to do forever. I swapped my go to, my LOVE… MY Coffee-Mate Hazelnut coffee creamer for this Silk brand Almond Creamer in the flavor Caramel. I know I keep saying this about every product I have shared BUT it is SOOOO TRUE, this creamer is nutty, creamy and SO GOOD! I am saving myself a lot of calories AND chemicals (CARRAGEENAN being the main one I wanted to take out of my diet).

Coffee-mate Hazelnut Creamer: 1 TBSP has 35 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs and 5 grams of sugar! 
Silk Almond Creamer (Caramel): 1 TBSP has 15 calories, 0 grams of fat, 3 grams of carbs and 3 grams of sugar!

FYI – In the 4 days I’ve been switched over to this creamer I have noticed a considerable change in my belly bloat after drinking my morning coffee…meaning I don’t have it anymore! YAY!  




I’m including my Zinc supplement because I am 1000% convinced that because I have been taking it every day for over a month that when I did get sick, last weekend, that I was only down for a few days compared to the 7-10 days my boys suffered with this cold-sinus junk. 

TIP – Take one pill every day at the same time so you don’t forget. *PLEASE NOTE* Excessive consumption of zinc can cause individuals to develop a copper deficiency, as well as leading to lethargy and other related issues.
FYI – As I research different forms of zinc (there are 7 varieties – say what? I did not know that) I will pass along any info I get in a future blog. I’m on the hunt for the best and most economical zinc pill I can find. 


Everything I shared in this blog are products I have personally bought myself. I have not been compensated or gifted any item listed above. The thoughts and reviews of the products are my own. 

Healthy Cheese Sauce = No More Bland Veggies!

healthy cheese sauce


Healthy Cheese Sauce = No More Bland Veggies!

Look at that YUMMY CHEESY SAUCE over my broccoli & cauliflower! Would you be surprised if I told you it was HEALTHY AND EASY to make yourself??

I am sharing the recipe in the December Super Girlz Fitness Newsletter!! Subscribe ASAP!
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xo, Staci

The Great Creamer Debate: Almond or Coconut?

The Great Creamer Debate: Almond or Coconut?


How many of you are coffee lovers? Do you love CREAMER too??

I was that girl who added lots of extras to my cup to get my sweet fix first thing in the morning.  I was drinking 2 large cups a day (48oz total). Both 24oz cups of coffee had 2 TBSP of Heath Creamer, 3 Splenda packets & 3 Stevia in the Raw packets. That is a lot of JUNK in my body first thing in the morning. YUCK!

I turned 40 last November & noticed that my belly was constantly bloated & full looking. I will not allow AGE to define me & my body…I call BS on that “reason.” 😉 So, after remembering my Dad having the same issue when using Splenda I decided to start eliminating it from my diet which was REALLY hard since my fridge & pantry had so many “foods” with Splenda or sucralose added into it.

So, in my quest to eliminate everything with HFCS, Splenda, sucralose & aspertame I cut out my creamers. Then I found these 2 creamers last weekend; Silk Almond Creamer & SO Delicious Coconut Creamer. I tried both varieties in a Vanilla & French Vanilla Flavor this week and here are my thoughts…

Both creamers were very good in taste but the Silk almond creamer was richer & creamier than the SO Delicious coconut creamer. I also thought the vanilla flavor was just a bit better in the almond version.
I did see on the SO Delicious website, that the coconut creamer comes in Hazelnut & I am really excited to find that one & give it a try. I LOVE HAZELNUT! The Silk brand only has the vanilla flavor in the Almond Creamer. They have different soy versions but I’m not a soy fan. So, truthfully you can’t go wrong with either. If you click on the photo you can see the ingredients & nutrition info on both creamers & make a decision that is right for you. 😉

Can’t find them in your local grocery store…AMAZON has it! Amazon has everything. LOL! Photos take you right to Amazon.



Occasionally an affiliate link will be included in my posts. A small percentage of your purchase goes to support this website. Which I greatly appreciate. Super Girlz for Life! 😉 Staci

P90X2 Bruschetta Chicken

Bruschetta Chicken from the P90X2 Nutrition Guide with a time & money saving TWIST

If you would like to see the REAL recipe stop by my facebook page & check it out…while there LIKE my page & leave a comment.

**This recipe was a HIT with my guys who are notorious picky eaters.**
Serves 4  (I got 6 servings out of 2.25# of chicken breasts)


Salsa Topping

This is my “secret” time & money saving tip. BUY pico de gallo (or your favorite FRESH salsa)!! It’s much cheaper than buying all the ingredients listed in the recipe. If you buy fresh instead of jarred salsa you will not miss the homemade, I promise.

pico de gallo




Chicken Breast

Ready for another money saving tip? Use the spices in your cupboard for this recipe! Unless of course your spices are from 1999. I had all the dry spices listed & it was still full of flavor & delicious. Fresh is always great, but if you’re short on cash, dried spices work just as well. WHY not use what you already have? Less waste…less money out of your pocket. WIN WIN!!

1TB chopped fresh oregano                                                X2 bruschetta chicken marinade

1TB chopped fresh basil

1/2tsp chopped fresh thyme

1tsp chopped fresh Italian parsley

2TB fresh lemon juice

2TB balsamic vinegar

1TB olive oil

1/2tsp garlic powder

1/2tsp freshly ground black pepper

1/4tsp sea salt

4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves



1. For chicken, combine all ingredients in a large Ziploc plastic bag. Shake to distribute well, seal & marinated in refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

2. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees

3. Remove chicken from bag; discard marinade.

4. Place chicken in glass baking dish. Cover with foil & place in oven for 30-40 minutes or until chicken is thoroughly cooked.

5. Serve with salsa on top; garnish with fresh basil leaves (optional).

 X2 bruschetta chicken


Nutrition Info

Calories-201; Fat-7g; Carbs-9g; Fiber-2g; Protein-24g

Shakeology Featured In O Magazine

I shared with you the other day about my weight loss journey & that I've started drinking Shakeology every day & what a difference it has made in my weight loss.

I didn't want to get into the all the benefits of Shakeology & have this blog/website turn into an infomercial. That is not what my vision is for this site. This is a place I share health & fitness info & products I love. I also want this place to be one where YOU feel comfortable asking your health & fitness questions & can get answers.


For more info on Shakeology you can check out the May issue of O Magazine…out NOW! 


By visiting the Shakeology page on this site.

If you have questions, please send me an email. I'd be happy to chat with you.


And the WINNERS are….

First I just want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to FLATOUT for being SO generous & working with me this month! Thank you!

I also want to THANK EVERYONE for supporting this giveaway! I hope you will all continue to come back to this website & stay connected with me! I've loved reading all your comments & weight loss stories! You all have inspired me greatly. Thanks!

Please send me a message via the CONTACT ME form & let me know what you'd like to see featured here! The Friday, ASK STACI blogs will be back next week & I need some of your questions! 🙂





The following people will be contacted by FLATOUT soon to claim their prize!


Your 3 winners on "FLATOUT GIVEAWAY!" are:

1) Rachel: fiendrus@hotmail.com

2) Pam: nursepam44@hotmail.com

3) Jessica: jessicawalker08@yahoo.com




The winner of my Beachbody Workout Giveaway is…


 April Reed Fritts


Please contact me April & let me know which DVD you'd like!


Flatout Flatbread | Light Original

TODAY is the last day to enter to win the FLATOUT GIVEAWAY!


On April 1st, 3 winners will be chosen by the "Pick a Giveaway Winner" plug in for WordPress. The winners will be chosen from the comments on the original FLATOUT GIVEAWAY blog post (link to that post is below)


Today I have ONE last Flatout Flatbread flavor to share with you all. It's the Light Original flavor. I have to say there is not one Flatout product or flavor I have not liked. So, stop eating that boring bread, hamburger/hot dog bun, or greasy chips. WRAP up your meal with more fiber & better nutrition with FLATOUT…and enjoy some baked crisps on the side! :)






Don't forget to go to the link below for details on how to enter & WIN  FREE  FLATOUT products!




Flatout EdgeON Baked Flatbread Crisps | Multigrain | Sea Salt

Today I wrap up the last of the edgeON crisps flavors…they are last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST! Multigrain & Sea Salt are in the spotlight today! These are the two flavors that go great with any topper or dip. I can't wait to try all the suggestions on the bottom of the bag!

ALL the products have suggestions for use RIGHT ON THE PACKAGING & I LOVE THAT! Yes, you can go to the website & look for more recipe ideas BUT…when you are trying to put together a quick snack or meal idea in the store you can just grab & go & KNOW you will have something healthy & yummy that you & the family will love.




 Nutrition Info ~ 120 calories / 4g fat / 16g carbs / 6g protein / 5g fiber




 Nutrition Info ~ 120 calories / 3.5g fat / 17g carbs / 6g protein / 1g fiber



Don't forget to go to the link below for details on how to enter & WIN  FREE  FLATOUT products!





Artisan FOLDit Flatbread | Rosemary & Olive Oil | Traditional Country

Today I'm sharing a family favorite! All the FOLDit Flatbread flavors have quickly become a favorite in my house. They are thicker than the "wraps" & that appeals to my teenage boys & husband.

So, we made a few different meals & incorporated FOLDit's into them.



 Hawaiian Pizza on FOLDit Flatbread! YUM! Even picky eaters agree!



 BBQ Chicken (done in crockpot) served on a FOLDit Flatbread instead of a bun!


Traditional Country FOLDit ~ 140 calories / 2g fat / 24g carbs / 8g protein / 3g fiber

Rosemary & Olive Oil FOLDit~ 120 calories / 2g fat / 24g carbs / 7 g protein / 6g fiber



Don't forget to go to the link below for details on how to enter & WIN  FREE  FLATOUT products!