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Catching up and Changes

Hey Friends!

Long time no talk, huh?

If you follow any of my other Super Girlz Fitness social media outlets I am sure you have noticed that I haven’t shared much in months. That is simply because 2017 has brought a lot of changes into my life. As some of you know my youngest son graduated from High School this June and has since started college. My oldest son is working full time now and well, my stay at home Mom days are completely done. The “job” (BEST JOB EVER BTW) I’ve had for 20 years has ended and has left me feeling overwhelmed and lost at times. I’ve been trying to figure out where I go from here. I’m only 43. I haven’t had a job outside of the home in 20 years so going and getting one is a bit scary to me. Plus…what the heck would I even want to do?

A lot of soul searching has been done in my alone time. One thing I know for sure is that I will not be renewing my DBA or Personal Training certificates. Meaning Super Girlz Fitness will be officially closed as of November 15, 2017. Super Girlz Fitness has been my other job for 10 years. An amazing 10 YEARS!

My training business was a lot of fun and allowed me to help others and be creative. But, it is not something I see myself doing as I get older. Never fear though…if you have a health or fitness related question you can still contact me and we can chat. I also plan to keep my Beachbody Coaching account open. If you need any at home workouts, supplements or health & fitness related gear just let me know. My Beachbody site is still TurboStaci.com.

Onto the future…
While I don’t know exactly what it holds or which direction to turn, I have other passions and interests beyond health & fitness I would like to pursue. Of course I will keep you all posted. This site will be up until the end of the year. I will let you know where I land before then via this blog and my other social media outlets. BUT, I cant go yet….

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my Super Girlz Fitness family. I will always look back on those 10 years with fond memories and cherish the life long friends I have made along the way. Please stay in touch!!

With all my love!
Xo, Staci


PS~ You can keep in touch with me on my personal Facebook page.

Why I’m so passionate about becoming an Organ Donor

As you all know I’m a huge advocate of organ donation and sharing my Dad’s story. National Donate Life Month is observed annually during the month of April. It commemorates and celebrates the countless lives affected by transplant and donation across the United States. Help raise awareness by sharing YOUR story or stories of people in your life who have been impacted by organ and tissue donation/transplantation. If you are not BUT have considered becoming an organ donor please do so. Not many people think about becoming a donor until it affects your life. I am guilty of this myself.

AWARENESS is so important to that patient (& family) who is on the waiting list.  You never plan to need a transplant but when you are told that is your only way to continue living…you are eternally grateful beyond words for those people who took the time to become a donor.

I will always be grateful for the young lady and her family who gave my family hope of having a long life with my Dad. Sadly, her lungs were not viable enough for transplant and my Dad couldn’t wait another day. I always wonder if her family was told about my Dad…if they know how much hope they gave my family that day as we waited for his double lung transplant. Yes, we were scared. But, to know it was his shot at life again was such a blessing. One I will never forget. I hope and pray they knew my Dad, and our whole family, was extremely grateful that they gave us hope that day. We all got to be together one last time and THAT moment is what I like to focus on when the pain of losing him is too hard.




Influenster Charm VoxBox Review – Part 1

I received my complementary Charm VoxBox full of products to review from Influenster…all opinions and reviews are my own. This is my first time participating with Influenster and have had a great experience. Today I am going to review 3 of the products I received. The other 3 will be reviewed on Thursday’s blog.


Mott’s Snack & Go Natural Applesauce Pouch


As young children, my boys always asked for Mott’s natural applesauce in their lunch pails, so this is not a new product to our family. The only difference is the pouch, these weren’t available “back in the day”. My boys still love applesauce and this pouch makes it a great snack on the go for busy families.

*EDITED* – I should note that since I don’t have a toddler and my son is almost 20, he was not interested in sucking applesauce through a pouch so we cut it open. Also, I have seen the concern with these pouches being full of mold, but the one we received was perfect. Just good old natural applesauce.


Vera Wang Embrace (Rose Buds & Vanilla AND Marigold & Gardenia)


I am a fan of light fragrance and these hit the mark with me. Today I’m enjoying the Rose Buds & Vanilla.
The Rose Buds & Vanilla (affiliate link) is described as…
FRAGRANCE NOTES – Rose buds, mandarin oil, damascena rose, cyclamen, blue iris, sweet magnolia, musk, vanilla and sandalwood.

The Marigold & Gardenia (affiliate link) is described as…
FRAGRANCE NOTES – Melon, soft musks, marigold and gardenia.

*Both are available on Amazon & I’ve added my affiliate links above for quick viewing.
(Disclaimer: If you purchase from one of my affiliate links I will receive a commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you)




McCormick Organics (Taco Seasoning)


McCormick’s is my families favorite Taco Seasoning. We always have a few packets on hand. Normally we purchase the Mild 30% less sodium version so I was really excited to see the only nutrition difference was 10mg more of sodium in the Organic version. I posted both packages so you can see the difference in macros and ingredients. You will see the Organic version is Certified Organic, NON GMO and Gluten Free.

I had my family taste test both versions last night and the verdict is…they both taste the same and are AMAZING! So, I will be making the switch to the organic version the next time we replenish our taco seasoning stock. McCormick Organics Taco Seasoning is available in stores or on Amazon in single packets (affiliate link) or in a case of 12 (affiliate link).
(Disclaimer: If you purchase from one of my affiliate links I will receive a commission from Amazon at no extra cost to you)


I hope you enjoyed today’s reviews and a HUGE THANKS to Influenster for sending me all of these products for free to review. THURSDAY’s BLOG will be Part 2 where I review Coconut Peeps, Eva-NYC shampoo and hair mask and Wet & Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel.

My Must Watch Favorite Christmas Movies

Every year I love to watch Christmas movies. I used to do it with my boys, but now that they are 19 & 17 they just aren’t into it as much as I am.

Sometimes, if the stars align just right, I may get one of them to sit with me for a little bit, but that is a rare occasion. So, I enjoy them snuggled under a blanket with my fur babies. They still love to snuggle with their Momma. 😉

The following are my top favs that I MUST watch every year. Comment & let me know YOUR favorites and I’ll add them to my list to check out!


* The Santa Clause (1, 2 & 3)


* Home Alone (1 & 2)

* Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas (with Jim Carey)



The Best Blog Posts of 2016

The following are the top viewed blogs of 2016.


When I was researching which blogs made the cut I found it very interesting and funny that my #1 blog post of the whole year was the blog I posted about celebrating my Dad’s Birthday. EVERY morning I check my Google analytics to see what blogs are performing the best and EVERY day it’s the same one. I think that’s a sign my Dad leaves me every day that he is always right here with me. Here is that blog post if you haven’t seen it yet.

Happy Birthday Dad!


The following are my top Health, Fitness & Nutrition blog posts of 2016! Check them out & leave a comment on your favorite post. (FYI- I read & approve all comments)

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Forever my Hero, Forever in my Heart

It’s hard to believe my hero, my first love, my Daddy has been gone for 2 years.
I talk to my Dad every day…multiple times a day. Every morning we have coffee and a chat. That is my “alone” time and it is special to me.

My Mom, my son Nick & I also started the tradition last year, of giving blood every December. This act of giving to others is exactly how my Dad would want us to mark his passing. I will also be reflecting on life & how much joy I can find in the day to day moments & focus on creating memories as a family. That isn’t always easy…but is very necessary for mental health. (for me anyway)

I also find great joy in the little “signs” he leaves.

If you don’t believe in signs from loved ones who have passed then, I’m sorry…you are missing out. My Dad leaves me & my family signs when we need them. I’ll give you just one example of a recent sign my Dad sent us while we were on a Girls Trip over the Thanksgiving holiday. My sister, Mom & I decided we wanted to get out of town and do our Black Friday shopping in another town…maybe start a new tradition.

This was in our hotel room bathroom…

At first I was like…there is no way that is real. I had to get closer & take another picture.

Do you see that signature?

Scott is my Dad’s name and the signature looks like how he wrote his name….I know because I could copy his signature pretty perfectly and he always loved that. Another cool thing…orange is my Mom’s favorite color and for these flowers to be orange was like his way of giving her flowers and the sign he was with us.

If you knew my Dad very well you knew he did not like the idea of his girls going away alone. He was always our protector. I took this as Dads way of saying he was with us for the trip and I believe he was. It was an amazing trip and we only encountered awesome people with great attitudes. Everyone was super friendly. That was nice since it was people working on Thanksgiving and Black Friday…those two days seem to bring out the crazies and we didn’t experience anyone like that.

Thank you to all my friends & family who have been so loving & supportive through the years. You mean the world to me. (((HUGS & LOVE TO YOU ALL)))

xo, Staci



To Dad ~

Thank you Dad


Because of your strength & all that you battled, I promise you that I will continue to seek the best from every day. I will continue to live life to the fullest & take every day and every breath as a blessing.
I Love & Miss You Dad!!! xo

Work Hard & Be Proud of You!


Take a second today (RIGHT NOW) & be proud of what you have achieved.

I mean it.

Stop & think of what you are proud of YOU for achieving, in your lifetime.

There is nothing wrong with striving for a better life, job, body, etc. but don’t forget to stop and appreciate how far you’ve come and all the hard work you have already put in. Enjoying the journey is also part of becoming a better you. Why wait until you can say, “I have accomplished ______________.” Start enjoying the benefits of becoming better. If you focus on the little “wins” in life you will find the journey to your ultimate goal isn’t as trying as you imagined.

You are amazing as you are TODAY!
Enjoy YOUR journey!

Remember that my friends! 😉

xo, Staci

I Changed My Mindset to be Thankful for Every Day

Every day I am blessed to open my eyes and take on another chance at this thing we call LIFE…I am extremely grateful. I changed my view of life 2 years ago. Extreme hope one day to total devastation and loss the next day will do that to you.


I’ve always felt that I was a pretty positive person, but still I seen my life full of good & bad things/luck.

Today I look at EVERYTHING as GOOD and a true BLESSING. Even when “bad luck” strikes I stop and look at the positive side of that “bad luck”.  I can always find a blessing in the bad. Always.

Is it easy…no, not all the time. But, if I didn’t have this mindset change I would be in a dark depressed state. I wouldn’t be able to live my life to the fullest and enjoy the things & PEOPLE I love like they deserve…like I deserve.

So, every day when you wake up and LIFE happens…take a few minutes and try to figure out and understand what blessing came from that event. I bet you there is something.


The Hinson/Berenyi/Smith Family 2014

365 days a year, for the rest of this life I am given, THESE people…
my family are & will always be my greatest blessings.
I am thankful for each one of them.


To all of you reading this, I consider you a friend & part of my family. I wish all of you a very BLESSED Thanksgiving! 
xo, Staci


OMG!!! I can’t believe I forgot to share yesterday!!
Yesterday SGF turned 9!!!
SGF 9th BD
9 years ago I went and got my DBA for Super Girlz Fitness, an online training business.
I remember feeling scared and excited all at the same time. I was so happy to be following my passion and dreams. My husband and my 2 little boys went with me. We had to go between the morning & night hunt since it was the opening day of rifle season here in Michigan (fun fact – our school gives the kids opening day off every year)
I never had dreams of becoming rich from this business and I’m not a millionaire in the common sense of the word, but I am a MULTI MILLIONAIRE in my eyes.
I have cultivated a life I truly love. I have been blessed to be a part of so many women’s lives & their health and fitness journeys. The support and unconditional love from the friendships I have made is worth so much more to me than any amount of money.
I just wanted to take a moment and say THANK YOU to all my GIRLZ, for allowing me to be a part of your life & supporting me through the years…..AND I can’t forget to thank my wonderful husband for allowing me to chase all my dreams (no matter how crazy they sound) and being my biggest supporter & cheerleader.
I love you all!!
xo, Staci

When Seasons Collide – You Make Memories

Yesterday started as a beautiful chilly fall Mid-Michigan day. The feeder was full of birds eating & singing all morning. It was picture perfect…in my fall loving eyes. Then the afternoon came and we started to see rain turn to snow. Which if you live in Michigan, is pretty normal. It seems like we always get a taste of winter during the fall.


But, it didn’t stop.


It snowed all afternoon & evening. We ended up getting close to an inch & a half by my guesstimate. All the trees & bushes were covered in leaves & snow. Snow so heavy the bushes were touching the ground.




My youngest son had go do some filming with friends for their Great Gatsby movie. He was on his way home and as he was pulling into the driveway (after moving a tree off the road) the power went out. He was bummed because he was planning on editing some of their movie.

BUT…the power going out was a blessing.

Both our phones only had a limited battery life left so we shut them down. We lit some candles & that’s when it happened….My 17 year old asked me if I wanted to play some board games to pass the time. Now, I have to admit, I squealed like a little girl…on the inside of course. On the outside I played it cool & told him to pick out a few games. So he did…and we played by candle light. We chatted between moves about school, life, etc. It was an amazing night. One I am tucking away in my cherished memories. (and blogging so I never forget)

Cherish every moment you have with your kiddos and unplug WITH THEM.

Make memories.

I can tell you that their childhood will be over in a blink of an eye. When you’re in the thick of dirty diapers, no sleep, cranky toddlers you wish for better days. But, you never really realize how quickly those years go by until they are gone.

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