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Catching up and Changes

Hey Friends!

Long time no talk, huh?

If you follow any of my other Super Girlz Fitness social media outlets I am sure you have noticed that I haven’t shared much in months. That is simply because 2017 has brought a lot of changes into my life. As some of you know my youngest son graduated from High School this June and has since started college. My oldest son is working full time now and well, my stay at home Mom days are completely done. The “job” (BEST JOB EVER BTW) I’ve had for 20 years has ended and has left me feeling overwhelmed and lost at times. I’ve been trying to figure out where I go from here. I’m only 43. I haven’t had a job outside of the home in 20 years so going and getting one is a bit scary to me. Plus…what the heck would I even want to do?

A lot of soul searching has been done in my alone time. One thing I know for sure is that I will not be renewing my DBA or Personal Training certificates. Meaning Super Girlz Fitness will be officially closed as of November 15, 2017. Super Girlz Fitness has been my other job for 10 years. An amazing 10 YEARS!

My training business was a lot of fun and allowed me to help others and be creative. But, it is not something I see myself doing as I get older. Never fear though…if you have a health or fitness related question you can still contact me and we can chat. I also plan to keep my Beachbody Coaching account open. If you need any at home workouts, supplements or health & fitness related gear just let me know. My Beachbody site is still TurboStaci.com.

Onto the future…
While I don’t know exactly what it holds or which direction to turn, I have other passions and interests beyond health & fitness I would like to pursue. Of course I will keep you all posted. This site will be up until the end of the year. I will let you know where I land before then via this blog and my other social media outlets. BUT, I cant go yet….

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of my Super Girlz Fitness family. I will always look back on those 10 years with fond memories and cherish the life long friends I have made along the way. Please stay in touch!!

With all my love!
Xo, Staci


PS~ You can keep in touch with me on my personal Facebook page.

Friday Favorites – Healthy Lifestyle Helpers – Volume 3

This weeks Friday Favorites are all about products that enrich and help you build a healthier body thru a healthier lifestyle. If you have a product you think should be added to this list, please leave it in the comments for us!
xo, Staci

Friday Favorites

wp-1489154576515.jpgUntil recently I thought my mattress was fine. It wasn’t until we got our new one that I realized I had just gotten used to the dips and pits over the years. Shop around and find the best mattress for you and your body. There are so many these days to choose from that it really can be a chore finding the best one. But, once you do your body & your health will thank you for it.


20130607112305I foam roll every time I have an ache or pain that is just nagging at me. A massage after every workout to get the kinks and soreness out but sounds like heaven BUT, that isn’t practical for most of us. Foam rolling can help! While it is painful at first, once you relax into it you will feel the difference. Foam rollers come in a few varieties…I personally like the longer version so I can roll out my whole back and upper shoulder area that gets sore and tight often. Foam rollers are available in most sporting goods stores or even Wal-Mart.


wp-1489156567029.pngHaving pots and pans that can help you cook healthy meals without adding a ton of extra butter or oil is very beneficial. I recently purchased my first porcelain enamel non-stick pan (photo of pan purchased from Sam’s Club) to see how it stacked up to my normal non-stick Teflon pans. I followed the directions and “seasoned” it before using. After making a few meals in it, one being a cheesy meal my husband made for his lunches this week, it gets a huge thumbs up from us. We like it so much we are going to buy another. *I have not done any research on the safety of Porcelain Enamel or Ceramic vs. Teflon but if you have a study or article I should read to educate myself, please share in the comments.


bb-all-access-bodThis one is a favorite of mine because simply it’s very convenient. I can stream any workout, anywhere I have internet and my laptop. NO MORE DVD’s! There are many different companies that offer streaming workouts but you know I’m a Beachbody coach and I personally enjoy their On Demand service. But, choose the right fit for your needs. *If you have questions about signing up for streaming workouts and wonder if Beachbody On Demand is the right fit for you & you need a health coach, please contact me. Staci@SuperGirlzFitness.com. I will help walk you through the best option for you.


wp-1489155467365.pngStaying hydrated is key to a healthy body. Sugary drinks, even Diet drinks filled with artificial sweetener can dehydrate you and leave you craving food. Drinking water is good for your body and organs. So, go look for the best water bottle for you! Again, there are so many to choose from you can’t go wrong. I am currently loving my “Yeti” knock off from Wal-Mart (Ozark Trail is the brand). It was a fraction of the price but keeps my cold drinks, cold and my hot coffee, hot….FOREVER!!! I loved them so much I purchased them as Christmas gifts for my family last year.

Personal Training for a Full Year!



Beachbody Challenge Packs combine the best in fitness, nutrition and support to deliver incredible results. And now, I’m excited to introduce the newest pack – the Annual All-Access Beachbody on Demand and Shakeology Challenge Pack! This limited time offer provides the best value and comes with access to a year’s worth of fitness, including new releases! Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Fitness: the Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand membership offers total access to every program available on our streaming service. Annual members get over 600+ workouts, including all new and upcoming programs for an entire year, plus nutrition plans and calendars!!
  • Nutrition: 30-day supply of Shakeology, Your Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition®, the superfood protein shake that can help you lose weight, curb junk-food cravings, and provide healthy energy.
  • Support: Your Team Beachbody® Coach (ME!) and Annual All-Access Beachbody On Demand membership give you all the tools you need to get the results you want. If you’re ready to succeed, I’m here to help!!


If this sounds like the right fit for your health & fitness needs then GO HERE to sign up today for this amazing deal! It ends on February 28th!

By signing up at the above link you are also allowing me to be your health & fitness coach! Please make sure you drop me an email at Staci@SuperGirlzFitness.com so we can get started working together! If you are currently working with or not sure if you have a Beachbody Health Coach please let me know that in an email as well. I will help you figure it out & direct you in the best direction.

xo, Staci


PS- If you are only interested in the All Access On Demand portion without the Shakeology Challenge pack, please let me know. I can help with that too!

Weight Loss 101 Blog Series Recap

I wanted to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you!” to all of you who sent in questions and contacted me about my Weight Loss 101 blog series. It was a pleasure to work with you! 

xo, Staci

Below I have linked ALL 12 of the blog posts written in the month long series. Click on the topic or weight loss question that interests you for more info.  Thank you again for all your input & support. If there is another topic or you have more health, fitness and nutrition questions you would like to see me cover on the SGF blog, please drop me a message at Staci@SuperGirlzFitness.com or on our Facebook Page, Super Girlz Fitness.



Should I workout when I’m sick?

How Many Calories do I need to burn a pound? AND The Best Fat burning Workout!

What are some Healthy Food Swaps?

How to Beat Belly Bloat?

What is the Best Diet to Lose Weight on?

Winter Workout Ideas!

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8 Things you can do Today to Start Losing Weight!

Healthy Foods Grocery Lists!

Weight Loss 101: Winter Workout Ideas

Q: Now that it’s winter I find it hard to stay motivated to keep working out, outdoors. What are some workouts I can do during the cold/snowy winter months?

It’s not surprising that during the winter months most of us take our workouts indoors. But, if you live in an area that gets snow, ice and really cold temps there are some workouts you can do outdoors! Here are a few suggestions and the approximate calorie burn you can get in an hour.
*All calorie burn estimates are based on a 145# woman*


Hiking – Burns on average 445 calories per hour

Shoveling Snow – 380 cals per hour

Down Hill Skiing – 385 cals per hour

Cross Country Skiing – 510 cals per hour

Ice Skating – 450 cals per hour

Sledding – 455 cals per hour


Those are just a few winter activities you can do to get yourself outdoors and enjoying a great calorie burn. If braving the elements is not your idea of a good time then get your sweat on indoors! I personally use an indoor bike trainer and when I want to follow another trainers workouts I use my on Demand workout service from Beachbody (BOD) to stream my Beachbody DVD collection and tons of FREE workouts right to my phone, tablet or TV. It’s amazing…no more searching through DVD’s to find the right workout. I just log in and select the workout I want to do.

If you have questions about the BOD all access streaming workout service you can check out the details HERE or contact me and I can help you.


Beachbody On Demand ALL-ACCESS Launch



Beachbody is dropping the BIGGEST value they have ever offered TODAY (12/27)!!!

ALL ACCESS BOD (Beachbody On Demand) Challenge Pack! This includes E-V-E-R-Y program the company has created, plus their meal plans & all the NEW programs that will be released in 2017!! It’s like the NETFLIX OF FITNESS!!
(FYI- If you bought these workouts on their own, you’d pay over $6,000)

It’s $199 for the bundle that gives you your starter bag of Shakeology, a full year of ALL ACCESS BOD, and our amazing portion control meal plan system for better results. Then it’s $99/year to renew! (It’s like your own home gym membership!!)

If you are only interested in the ALL-ACCESS workout portion of this deal you can get that for $99.95 for the full year! It will auto renew when your yearly membership is up…or cancel before & finish out your year membership & move on.

I am personally going to be working with clients who are ready to make a FULL YEAR commitment to their fitness & health. I don’t care which program or plan you choose. If you want accountability, support & help from a certified personal trainer & health coach, then I would love to work with you!! Please send a short email about your interest in working with me at Staci@SuperGirlzFitness.com. When the launch officially goes on sale I will send you a link to purchase your membership.

**If you already have a BOD quarterly membership you can still upgrade to the ALL-ACCESS plan, please let me know (via email) if you currently have that plan and I will assist you on making the change.


Let’s make 2017 our HEALTHIEST year ever!!!

FAQ about Super Girlz Fitness

I get asked a lot of questions about my Fitness business…mostly about what I offer & if I’m still a personal trainer.

So, I thought I would type up a little FAQ to update everyone on Super Girlz Fitness. If I missed something you were wondering about please email me at Staci@SuperGirlzFitness.com.


Q: Are you still a certified Personal Trainer?
F: Yes, I am. I have been a certified personal trainer & aerobics & boot camp instructor for 9 years. I am now certified through IFA. My first 4 years as a trainer I was certified through ISSA.

Q: Are you currently taking new clients?
F: Yes, I am still taking on new clients. Actually, I’m currently looking for some Girlz for my HICT at home workout program “test group”. Click HERE to see if it’s a good fit for you. 😉

Q: Do you do meal plans too?
F: No, I no longer do customized meal plans. If you are a client & need help with your diet I will advise you and help you so your efforts in & out of the gym show all your hard work.

Q: Are your training plans customized or one size fits all type programs?
F: I offer both. I can customize a training plan to fit your fitness level, your fitness goals, your workout place preference & tailor your workout to use the equipment you have available to you.

Q: I can’t wait! Do you have any ready to go workouts available today?
F: Yes. Currently I have 2 different ready to go workouts that you can purchase & start today. The Boot Camp workout is 8 weeks long, INFO HERE & the Fat Burning HICT program is 12 weeks long, INFO HERE.

Q: Do you only do training plans for the gym?
F: No. I create custom plans based on your needs & where you want to workout. Most of my clients are women who want to workout at home & I love creating workouts like that.

Q: Do you still sell Beachbody programs & products?
F: Yes. I offer ALL of the Beachbody programs, products & the On Demand service. I find that some of my clients are not ready to work from a training program & prefer to have someone to follow visually during their workouts. I still use many of the Beachbody workout programs myself, to keep from getting bored. The nutritional products are also something I stand behind 100% because I know how much research, tests & trials go into each item. If you need help deciding on a program or product please contact me & I would be happy to help. If you do not have a Beachbody coach & you want me to coach you please go to my personal website www.TurboStaci.com & sign up for your free or club membership.

Q: How can I sign up to work with Super Girlz Fitness?
F: Drop me an email or a private message on my Facebook page to get the quickest response. You can click on the different training services I offer by using the menu at the top of this site. The tabs have drop down menus & will help explain what everything is. Again, if you have questions please let me know.

What is in our Fitness Newsletter?




On the last Friday of every month Super Girlz Fitness puts out a Health & Fitness Newsletter.

Every issue includes…

  • The Latest News from SGF — New program launches, sales, events, etc.
  • A new healthy recipe
  • A new workout routine
  • The next months Health & Fitness Challenge group info
  • Fitness &/or Nutrition tips & info

I am open to suggestions on what you want to know more about. If you have any, please let me know. I want the Super Girlz Fitness newsletter to supply you with every thing you need & want to create a healthy lifestyle.

To leave a suggestion you can reach me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (User Name stacimarie74) or by Email.

GET SIGNED UP TODAY!!! The latest Newsletter goes out to all my VIP Girlz FRIDAY morning!!

Beachbody Summer 2016 Sale

It’s that time of year again!!!

Time for the Beachbody Summer 2016 Sale!!

For a limited time only, get select Beachbody programs, equipment, and supplements for the lowest price of the year. You can save up to 78% on Beachbody products to help you, your family, and friends stay strong and healthy all summer long.

The direct link to the SUMMER SALE can be found >>>HERE! Once a program or product has sold out it will be removed from the site & that sale item will be gone.

summer 2016 sale


If you have any questions please comment & let me know. I can also be reached privately on Facebook >>>HERE. You can leave me a private message & I will respond ASAP.